One of my favorite extremes and creations! I can't wait to see what this girl makes in 2015!


This has been a fun one growing up! Loving the dark contrast with the bright orange accents!


Who doesn't love a nice super dalmatian? She will always be my favorite that's for sure!


Perfect yellow pinstripe! She might be too small for 2015 and the wait for 2016 is going to be killer!

Looking for the perfect pet? Have you considered a Gecko?

About Scaredycat Geckos

My name is Ashley and I’ve been keeping crested geckos for four years, and during that time I have amassed a large, genetically diverse breeding group with lines from Repashy, Pangea, Crown Jewel Reptiles and several other small breeders. I have a passion for crested geckos, and every breeder gecko I own is a pet first, each one has a name and their own personality. My geckos are housed in a separate facility, in small breeding groups, or individually. I do not house my animals in such a way that the animals are subject to bullying from aggressive cage-mates…

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Check out all our AVAILABLE Geckos now posted for you to enjoy. Don't wait too long though, these will be gone soon!
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Not sure if you can handle a Gecko? Stop by our Caring for Geckos page to learn all you need to know about taking care of one.
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Locating and ordering your new Gecko is simple and easy with Scaredy Cat Gecko. There are no hoops to jump through. Just a great way to welcome your new pet into your home!


To find your new Gecko, simply browse through our Available Page and start your search. Choose the Gecko you are falling in love with.


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"I love my geckos, and I have a big appreciation for the species. I strive to produce healthy, beautiful animals that will be great pets or breeders." ~ Ashley Jawiche (Owner)